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founder Maria Glazunova
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Maria Glazunova
founder, interior designer, product designer, decorator, creator, aesthete, hedonist, traveler, art lover
Hello everyone, I'm Maria Glazunova - creative interior designer, decorator, 3-D artist, founder, and mastermind of the GLM Home Design with 9 years of experience, based in Kyiv Ukraine. However in March of 2022 relocated to Madrid, Spain.

Successful in creating tasteful designs for commercial and residential spaces with new surfaces, new room configurations, and new furniture. I'm used to leading the whole project starting from creating an idea, 3d rendering of the interior, layouts for constructors, choosing all materials and furniture, and author supervision. Adept at collaborating closely with clients and suppliers to meet design parameters and desired outcomes.
I like to work at managing budgets and creating dynamic spaces aligned with client expectations and needs. Artistic and communicative with a proven history of locating unique furniture, artwork, and decorative elements to bring client spaces to life.
I have experience working on a project remotely and successfully worked on projects in Israel, The USA, and the Netherlands.

We create your home
We work in the following directions
  • Interior decoration
  • Interior design
  • Construction and renovation works
  • Project supervision
  • Product design
We create your home
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We create your home